CymaGlyph - A photograph made by the scientist John Stuart Reid. He has been capturing the vibrations of water when exposed to musical notes. In this case it is the musical note A. Each note shows a different geometrically shaped interference pattern, looking like a madala. This the core starting point for all shapes in the collection (the shape of soud).

This CymaGlyph was taken as a reference and interpreted as a line-drawing in Adobe Illustrator. For the first 2 designs, it was interpreted as a line drawing whereby the lines do not cross. This time the exactly opposite was done. All lines are connected srwating a web by itself (the lines ar gives differentr thicknesses this time as well).

The illustrator drawing was uploaded into laser cutting software. When the right values were found for the white foam matrial It was cut first in 45cm height.

Similar as for the dress design 1, the first try out was usable for draping on a small scale doll. Now it is too stiff, but when using thesame material in full scale, I believe the drape will be just as desired. This, coincidentally, is exactly the opposite situation from dress design 1.

I planned to use this material together with liquid silicone. For a long time I could not figure out how, without making it look like "flesh". At some moment I realized that I could use the foam shape itself to pour the silicone in. In this way the foam would serve as a mold for the silicone and the two materials would become as one.